The introduction to when and how to use this document and support documentation of Vamp Release Orchestration platform
Vamp is a SaaS-based AIOps platform that provides Continuous Release Orchestration for engineers, DevOps and SREs. Vamp’s platform enables companies to release software faster with near-100% reliability. This Vamp Cloud Release Orchestration support documentation will introduce you to the concepts of Vamp that are required to not only technically get Vamp working for you, as well as several Wizards and How-to's on making best use of Vamp to support releasing your software as a champ.
Vamp Concepts are a great background read after you maybe have your first microservice launched by Vamp.
'Using Vamp Cloud'- section is the help you require when using Vamp on a day-to-day bases.
At the first installation of Vamp Release Orchestration , installing the Release Agent on the cluster where your Applications are running is mandatory. Go to the section of Release Agent installation for further background and reference. In the 'start wizard' that will be prompted at your first login Vamp helps you through this installation as well.
For further support of questions please use the channels on or directly in the Vamp Cloud application.
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