Step 1: Create an Application
An application in Vamp Cloud is a unique combination of a Kubernetes cluster and a Kubernetes Namespace.
The first step is to create an application.


This is the name displayed wherever your application is used, including external notifications like Slack.
For example: Production.


This should be a short and meaningful description that provides additional context for the application.

Kubernetes Details


You can select an existing cluster from the list or add a new cluster. Initially, there is only one cluster in the list, default.
Once you have completed the Quick Start Guide and released your first service(s), you can rename the default cluster to something more meaningful.
If your applications are distributed across multiple clusters, you can add additional clusters to Vamp.


This is the name of the Kubernetes Namespace where your services will run.
For example: production.

Ingress Controller

Vamp Cloud supports two Kubernetes Ingress Controllers: NGINX and Contour. Alternatively, if your application does not expose any services, select No Ingress.
We recommend you use Contour, as it allows you to use a richer set of release policies.
Vamp Cloud currently only supports the NGINX and Contour Ingress controllers.
Additional types of Ingress controller, support for SMI-compliant service meshes, and applications without an Ingress are available for private cloud customers.

Creating the Application

When you click the Next button to create the application and move to the next step, you will see a message indicating that the application has been created.