What's New?
We are continuously working to bring you features to improve your Vamp Cloud experience. Here you will find feature summaries for new implementations to Vamp.

Installer release v1.5.10

Added support for OpenTelemetry

We have added support for sending metrics from the Vamp Release Agent to OpenTelemetry.
During a release, the agent sends the remaining budgets for each condition in the current policy step. These metrics are sent in OTLP format and are updated every 30 seconds.

Backend release v2.2.4

Added service and application level metadata API

We have added the REST API endpoint to provide programmatic access to the application and service metadata released in v2.2.0.

Backend release v2.2.3 and Frontend release v0.2.134

Improved messaging during service interruptions

We have improved the banner messages that appear during service interruptions. They now include cases where the backend functionality may be degraded. Previously, a message was only shown when the frontend could not connect to the backend.

Realtime updates to most views

Most views in the frontend are now automatically updated in response to event-driven changes in the backend. There is one important exception: editor views are not automatically updated. If you have an editor view open and another user makes changes, you will not see their changes until after you save or cancel your changes.

Frontend release v0.2.130

Applied new design to the policies list

The policies list has been updated as part of the rollout of the new UI design.

Moved the application delete buttons and service delete buttons

The application and service delete buttons have been moved to the bottom of the details tab. The delete buttons were previously an icon at the top right of the details view.
The behaviour of the button has also been updated. As a safety check, you are now asked to type the name of the artifact before deleting it.

Backend release v2.2.0

Added service and application level metadata

We have added support for annotating services, service versions instances ,and applications with custom key/value metadata.
At the service level, you can add fixed key/value pairs and placeholders to be filled in when a version of a service is deployed for an application.
At the service version instance, the placeholders defined at the service level will be filled in using the annotations and/or labels taken from the Kubernetes workload. You can also add fixed key/value pairs and manually override values defined at the service level.
At the application level, you can add fixed key/value pairs. Under the metadata tab in application details, you can also see the metadata for the live versions of services in that application.
In a future release, we will be adding a REST API endpoint to provide programmatic access to the metadata.

Last modified 3mo ago